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Startups BeAmman: Hadab } شركات ناشئة بعمان: هدب

الهدب جزء من تاريخ وحاضر مجتمعنا الأردني الذي يُزيّن تناغم نسيجه الاجتماعي حياكة يدوية على أطراف الشماغ الذي يجمع أبناءه.



Jo Bedu & O Minds Crowd Invest

We've previously posted 'Local Startups Crowd Invest' - We are happy to announce that those 3 Jordanian Businesses (Harir, Abjjad & Foodlve) have recieved their full funding and were even OVER funded on

2 other Jordanian businesses have recently launched funding proposals on, a crowd-investing platform offering a global solution for businesses to raise funding from the crowd in exchange for equity.


Startups BeAmman - ekeif } شركات ناشئة بعمان

Meet The Woman Behind The “E-How” Of The Middle East

As posted on by Valentina Primo

Want to make a face mask with carrots? A pillow out of a t-shirt? Or homemade Bechamel sauce?


Startups BeAmman - TasmeemME } شركات ناشئة بعمان تصميم

In support of local startups and entrepreneurs in Amman and Jordan – we are going to keep you updated with some tech and non-tech companies that our local entrepreneurs have started.

Go Local, Support Local startups & businesses

We are proud of these startups and look forward to keep posting others that come up, let us know if you have a startup you want us to write about. Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Here is a startup that just got a facelift! 

Tasmeem Middle East (tasmeemME) is the first & largest regional online networking site dedicated to creative talent.


Startups BeAmman - Sitat Byoot } شركات ناشئة بعمان ستات بيوت

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Inspired by his mother’s having overcome unfortunate circumstances and driven a fashion design and tailoring home business into success, Saeed Omar launched Sitat Byoot in 2011 as a website to help other Arab craftswomen (like his mother) “promote, sell and deliver their handmade products worldwide.” 


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