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Amman Says - The Amman We Want In 2013

We asked our followers to tell us what they would like to see change in Amman for 2013 - City resolutions.

The most recurring answers were about cleanliness of the city which has significantly declined over the past year.

We will exert as much pressure as possible on to Greater Amman Municipality to try to work on that for the coming year, but we as citizens are part of the problem too, we need to work hard on cleaning our neighborhoods, around our homes and offices and stand up to those who litter.

From today until January first, we'd like to start a hashtag to share our city & country resolutions... tweet us yours by hashtagging #JOin2013


Amman Says - Taxi Service in Amman

We asked Amman’s residents and visitors what they think about taxi service in Amman.

سألنا العمّانيين وزوار عمّان المتتبعين لنا عن رأيهم بخدمة التاكسي في عمّان.

الأجوبة التي وصلتنا لم تحمل الكثير من الإيجابية في طيّاتها، معظم الأجوبة طالبت بتنظيم أكثر وقوانين واضحة وصريحة للتعرفة وعدم تجاوزها، بالإضافة لضرورة تطبيق قانون عدم التدخين وإنهاء ظاهرة الإنتقائية في إختيار الركاب.

The responses we got were not too positive, most people say taxi drivers should be better regulated with clear rules and regulations, non smoking law should be implemented & that most drivers do not stop for you unless they are dropping you off somewhere on their route.


Amman Says - Is the 'Families only' policy fair?


This week we asked our fans and followers the following question:

What are your thoughts on 'Families only' or ‘couples only’ policy in some malls and coffee shops in #Amman? is it fair? justified?

ما رأيكم بسياسة "للعائلات فقط" المتبعة في بعض المولات والمقاهي في عمّان؟ هل هي مبررة أم غير مبررة؟ عادلة أم ظالمة؟


Amman Says - To Valet or Not To Valet in Amman?

سألنا متتبعينا على فايسبوك وتويتر عن رإيهم بموضوع خدمة صف السيارة (الفاليه) بعمّان.

السؤال كان

ما رأيكم بخدمة اصطفاف السيارات في عمّان؟ ضرورية أم يقومون بالإستحواذ على أماكن الإصطفاف العامة؟


We asked our followers on Twitter & fans on Facebook what their thoughts are on valet parking.

The question is:

What are your thoughts on Valet Parking in Amman? Is it necessary or does it cause traffic & chaos on our streets?


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