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Amman Through The Lens

Amman Through The Lens of Dania Dallasheh

Amman or in my perspective "Am-man". Is the city with the modern look and ancient ruins at the same lens capture. I picked some of the images I took specifically in Jebel Al-Qala'a or Citadel; as it combines the really old and the very new.


Ramadan Through The Lens of #BeAmman Instagramers

Ramadan Kareem to all!

Thank you for tagging us in your special Ramadan moments & showing us Ramadan through your lens.

We especially thank those who do not spam the #BeAmman hashtag with ads & marketing.

We look forward to receiving more of your Ramadan pictures on #BeAmman - tag us & have a blessed Holy Month.

Here are a few photos we'd like to share with you:



What I Love About Amman

By Rawan Da'as

Being a big fan of hashtags, I am always inspired by those ideas that pop up in the form of hashtags, being a photographer myself, I always go for pictures to implement those ideas. I love blogging in general, and recently, I am so excited about photo-stories (blogs)!

In a series of edited pictures, capture by my iPhone & posted on instagram, I will show you #WhatILOVEAboutAMMAN. It’s my personal reflection on my interaction with this lovely dynamic and lively city. I don’t go down to the streets to shoot, rather I just go out and whenever anything grabs my attention me, I capture it!


Humans of Amman Vs Humans of New York

مشروع ناس عمّان مستوحى من مشروع ناس نيويورك، المصورين يمشون الشوارع، يلتقطون الصور ويستمعون للناس.

عند تقليب الصور من المدينتين كان من المثير للإهتمام أن نرى وجوه مختلفة، أماكن مختلفة وأنماط مختلفة ومزاجيات مختلفة من الجهتين.

خطرت لبالنا فكرة أن نشارككم صور متشابة من المدينتين...

ما هي الإختلافات التي تروها؟


‘Humans of Amman’ is a project that was inspired by ‘Humans of New York’ – photographers walk the streets of a city, capture its people and listen to their story.

Browsing through pictures of both cities.. it was interesting to see the different faces, places, styles and attitudes of both.

We thought we’d post similar pictures from both cities…

What differences do you see? 

Check these out:



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