Amman Says - Amman development you're proud of

10 February 2016

The 5th edition of Amman Says is an attempt at getting our readers to be positive & see the good in our city, Amman.

Question is:

What is a development you've seen in Amman over the past 10 years that you are proud of?

Check out the answers below, please feel free to add your answer in the comments box below.


.خامس نسخة من عمان تقول تهدف الى تحفيز متابعينا على التفكير بإيجابية تجاه مدينتنا  

 ما هو اكبر تطور شهدته عمان في العقد الماضي وتفخر به؟      

Photo Credits: Sager BeAmman

Photo Credits: Sager BeAmman