Amman Through The Lens of Mashhour Halawani

13 February 2016


Amman is a city filled with beautiful sights, views, people, streets and more. We have some brilliant local photographers in the city that are capturing its beauty from all angles. We will be featuring a different talented photographer in our "Amman through the lens of" segment every few weeks, stay tuned & give them your love!


مدينة عمان جميلة و غنية بناسها وسكانها، بحاراتها وشوارعها، ومناظرها الجميلة.

وفي عمان مجموعة من المصورين المتميزين ، الذين يبدعون في التقاط هذا الجمال بعدسات كاميراتهم. سنقوم في بعمان بإفراد زاوية خاصة لابداعاتهم. تابعونا و استمتعوا بما سيقدمه لكم مصورينا في زاوية عمان بعدساتهم...


Name: Mashhour Halawani

Profession: Information Management


Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0796714388


Mashhour, how did you start your journey in photography?

My photography journey started back in 2007 with the first mobile phones, then a small camera till I reached a point of buying a professional camera.
I was always interested in capturing small details in our daily lives, they are the first things to be forgotten.


What attracts your eye in photography, what do you look for?

There is nothing specific that really attracts my eye, it could be the texture or color or form of something that has eye catching details.


Where are your favorite areas in Amman to take pictures?

Jabal Al Lweibdeh and downtown's narrow alleys! They are fascinating and like hidden treasures that many locals dont know about.


Tell us a bit about your journeys downtown, where should people go?

They should go everywhere and explore everything. 
People worry about going downtown, but its safe, Just wear comfortable shoes and clothes and go with a smile!


What is your favourite place to grab a quick bite in Amman?

Habiba and Hashem :) what could be better? (Downtown Amman)


If you can choose one picture that describes Amman, which would it be? 

For me this picture describe the simplicity of old Amman:


Favourite view point?  tell us where it is.

It is hard to pick up only one point honestly, every part of Amman has it's own memories and a unique View.
But "Daraj AlKalha" in Lweibdeh and the Citadel will be my top choices.


What is something you’d love to photograph but you havent been able to?

Random people, it's quite tricky sometimes in Amman because not everyone is happy getting their picture taken.


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