Amman Through The Lens of Dania Dallasheh

13 February 2016


Amman or in my perspective "Am-man". Is the city with the modern look and ancient ruins at the same lens capture. I picked some of the images I took specifically in Jebel Al-Qala'a or Citadel; as it combines the really old and the very new.

I would like to share some of the intriguing observations I have seen while photoshooting:

Citadel goes back to more than 7,000 years, yet you can find a bench to sit on under the shadow of some scattered trees. Breathe in the best air in the world "Hawa bladi". :)

While kids from around the block play in this ancient L-shaped city, they say Hi (Marhaba) to the tourists in many languages (English, Italian, French, and I think Russian). Although, they do not learn those languages at school. :)

Outside the borders of Citadel, a very hospitable man invited us to go up to his house roof top as he said "the view for Amman is much better from up there", and he was absolutely right, as some of my pics show.

As I said before I would like to call it "Am-Man" as it is the city where mankind has left us a generous heritage with strong footprints to walk upon.


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