BeAmman Reflects on 2012

10 December 2015

We have been around for a year and a half now and couldnt have done it without you!

Your support, contributions, comments, feedback and love have been a great push for us to continue working for our city & promoting it to the world.

Here are the most viewed articles from 2012 on in different sections.

Let us know what you’d like to see more of on our site for 2013 by commenting below.




Best of Amman } أحلى عمان 


1)  Top 5 Mansaf Places } أحسن 5 مطاعم تقدم المنسف  : The number one voted for: Al Quds

2) Best Mana'eesh in Amman } أحسن مناقيش بعمّان : The number one voted for: Saba7o

3) 15 Things for a Better Amman

4) Top 5 Burger Places for 2012 : The number one voted for: Bash Burger

5) Top Jordanian Mobile Apps

Amman Through The Eyes } عمان بعيون 

- Amman Through The Eyes of Sandra Hiari 

Amman Through The Lens } عمان بعدسة 

- Amman Through The Lens of Razan Fakhoury

Amman Says } عمان تقول 

- Amman Says: What is a Development you're Proud of?

See & Do } اقضي وقتك  

الكتب الأكثر قراءة – تمّوز

- قبل السفر" - رواية ل علا عليوات "

Books @ Cafe - Abdoun

Eat & Drink } أكل و شرب 

مطاعم وسط البلد

-  Caffe Strada

On the Street } الشارع

لو كان الفقر رجلا

Napoleon, Snow and Nostalgia in Amman

- Enough Littering!

Most Viewed Featured Pictures

Razan Fakhoury

Jonathan Kalan

Michelle Martins