BeAmman in 2013 } بعمان ٢.١٣

10 December 2015

We have been around for two years and a half now and have been hitting records every month with content, viewers, contributions and couldn’t have done it without you!

Your support, contributions, comments, feedback and love have been a great push for us to continue working for our city & promoting it to the world.

Here are the most viewed articles from 2013 on in different sections.


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Eat & Drink:

Blue Fig - Amman 

Street Food Tour in Amman

Jafra Cafe } مقهى جفرا 



Best of Amman (Food, Activities & Entertainment) :

Things to do this weekend in Amman

Best Rooftops in Amman

10 Reasons We Keep Coming Back To Amman 

Top 10 Downtown Souks To Check Out 

Top 5 Hot Dogs in Amman 


On The Street (People & Places) :

Jordan's Local bands } الموسيقيين والفرق الموسيقية المحلية

The New Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA)

Shopping in Abdali: Ultimate Survival Tips!


See & Do:

Spirit of Jordan Library } مكتبة روح الأردن

A Guide To: Jabal Al l'weibdeh (Weibdeh)


Amman Through The Lens:

Amman Through The Lens of Abdullah Suleiman

Rainy Amman - Jan 7 2013 } صور المطر في شوارع عمان

Only in Amman (Snow Photos)


Startups BeAmman -  } شركات ناشئة بعمان

"بطاطيخ" مثالا: كيف تبدأ مشروعا من الصفر؟