Best Breakfast Spots in Amman

09 December 2015

Written By: Luma Q

In the past few years, a number of new breakfast places opened up in Amman, not many got it right but there are a handful that did!
Often during the weekend i get asked where the best breakfast places in Amman are, so i decided to compile some of my favorites.
Whether you're looking for pancakes, eggs, humos or mana'eesh, check out the below list (restaurants are not in a particular order, 3ashan ma 7adish yiz3al).
Sahtein, Enjoy!


Al Usra

Al Usra is one of my favorites for a foul & humos type of breakfast, There is a small area for eating in. I usually take out some fateh, humos, foul and some falafel home for breakfast. Conveniently there’s a bakery close by too.

Photo from Facebook Page

Location: Abdoun, Close to Cups & Kilos & Hammoudeh DVD
Tel: 06 5934722


Abu Jbara

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Abu Jbara on Madina Street is huge, and on Fridays it’s usually packed with customers coming for some good foul, humos etc… It is family friendly, fresh, good food & service is quick.

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Location: Al Madina Al Munawara Street, Close Al Waha Circle
Tel: 06 5544150


Books @ Café – Abdoun

Photo by Sager BeAmman

Eggs Benedict, omelets, crepes, French toast and fresh juices make a perfect breakfast!   
Check the review of the place here: Books @ Cafe

Location: 10 Omar bin Ikrimah St. Abdoun, Close to Hatem Barber Shop & Balloon Art
Tel: 06 5923036


Mana’eesh (B-Snack)

Photo by Sager BeAmman

Man’eesh for breakfast or brunch are a must in Amman, there are many places to choose from, here are some of the places that were voted for, my favorite is B on 2nd circle they have amazing ‘lahme bi ajeen’ as well as amazing cheese and zata’ar manaeesh and what’s great is you can add toppings to your manaeesh – for other places check here: Best Mana'eesh in Amman

Location: 2nd Circle, Jabal Amman
Tel:  06 4621707


Blue Fig

Photo by Sager BeAmman

This place has been a success for years and years, their large manaeesh are phenomenal my favorites are crème cheese and honey as well as the za’atar and cheese with a side plate of labaneh. They have recently introduced a breakfast menu with omelets as well. Their outdoor terrace is a big plus for me when I decide on breakfast places.

Locaton: Abdoun, on the other side of Taj Mall
Tel: 06 5928800


The Bake House

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The Bake House has been around for a while in Amman,  and was once the only place with proper American style breakfast, it still has its loyal patrons and unique style. In the heart of Jabal Amman, the place serves pancakes, eggs, sausages, waffles and other breakfast dishes.

Location: Just off Omar Bin Al Khatab Street, Close to Al Ahliyah School for Girls
Tel: 06 4643470


Pancake & Waffle House

Photo by Odai Merie

If you’re craving some pancakes and waffles or even some eggs, this is the place to go. I have heard some people say its inconsistent taste wise, but many love it for its different options and juicy omelets.

Location: Abdoun, close to Books @ Café Abdoun
Tel: 06 5933432



Photo by Sager BeAmman

Sufra is usually a lunch or dinner place serving authentic Jordanian food, but I love going to Sufra for some good mazat for brunch, their fatit jaj, eggplant in tahineh sauce, humos, mtabal are great! Their outdoor area in the back is huge and beautiful but I love front terrace area to watch people walk up and down Rainbow Street.

Location: Rainbow Street, close to Café Des Artists & Cups and Kilos
Tel: 06 4611468


I'd love to hear where your favorite breakfast spots in Amman are. 
Please tell me in the comments box below.