Top 5 Hot Dogs in Amman

09 December 2015

Our viewers are often wondering where to get the best hot dog in town!

We've compiled a list of top 5 hot dog places in Amman to check out. Let us know what we've missed and which one is your favorite by commenting below!



Frankfurter Amman


Frankfurter Amman is a burger & hot dogs place, located next to Hammoudeh DVD. They serve what some say are the best Franks in town.

Their toppings are pretty awesome; Guacamole, bacon, chips, corn, chili and more… you can even top your frank with an omelet!
They have several options of hot dogs to choose from.
Delivery available - 079 9260253

Location: Shawkat Al Sati Street, Abdoun.


Wazzup Dog

Wazzup Dog started with a location on Rainbow Street and recently expanded to 7th circle and Petra University! Their franks are amazing, with toppings or just plain. Toppings are listed on their blackboard. They also have a hot dog eating record on the blackboard, listing the highest number of hot dogs eaten by one customer in one go. The latest record was 10 according to their Facebook page.
They are open late & deliver late too - 078 6000115

Location: Off Rainbow Street, by Gerard’s ice-cream , 7th circle & Petra University




Centro has a pretty good hot dog, they have 2 options either a traditional hot dog with chips, pickles and melted cheese or the Chili Hot dog with homemade chili and melted cheese.
Deilivery available through

Location: Taj Mall Terrace & 4th Circle


La Calle


One of Rainbow Street's best establishments, a 3-story bar with a good vibe & good bar food. One of their best items on menu is the hot dog.
Sit on their top floor terrace, enjoy the views of Amman & treat yourself to their awesome hot dog!

Location: Rainbow Street (towards end of street)


Harley’s Burgers & Grill       CLOSED 

The Harley Davidson fans gather here for a good burger, steak sandwich, wings or a hot dog. Their hot dogs menu includes the Harley Dog XL, Harley Dog Chili XL, regular hot dog or a chili dog.
Delivery available: 078 7808080

Location: 1st Circle, Rainbow Street (right at the beginning of Rainbow)


And of course we can not forget …

The Cheese Coney from Chili house / Chili Ways

Not necessarily a gourmet frank or hot dog, but it’s a hot dog we can eat in dozens – hot delicious chili topped with cheese on a hot soft bun.

They recently added an all beef Vienna Hot dog at Chili house (named the Chicago Hot dog at Chili ways) but we’re sure the good old Cheese Coney cant be beaten.