Top Arabic Restaurants in Amman (Fine Dining)

09 December 2015

Craving some good Lebanese / Arabic Cuisine?

Whether you're a local or visitor to Amman, here are some great fine dining spots that serve amazing Arabic & Lebanese cuisine, with great atmosphere and service.

Where is your favorite spot?


Fakher El Din


Fakher El Din opened up in 1997 and is one of  the leading Lebanese restaurants in Amman.
Located in an old home between the 1st and 2nd circle, the restaurant has hosted several celebrities and prominent figures from around the world.
Check out their wall of fame! Must haves are kubbeh nayeh, chicken liver with pomegranate molasses as well as their chicken balls.

Location: Jabal Amman. 2nd circle
Tel: 06 4641789


Deir Al Qamar


Deir Al Qamar opened up in 2005. They are located in Abdoun above Lemon Café. They are known for their great service and excellent quality of food.

Location: Abdoun, Across from Fitness first gym.
Tel: 06 5934666



Rajeen first opened up on the busy Rainbow St. serving amazing Arabic food.
They are famous for their mini shawerma served on a stick at your table. They have recently relocated to Mecca St., the location is often pretty busy.

Location: Mecca Street
Tel: +962 7 96774400



Al Huwara

Al Huwara is another old restaurant serving Lebanese cuisine. They play old Arabic tunes and are known for great service and a calm atmosphere.

Location: Khalda, past Khalda circle
Tel: 06 5354210


Burj Al Hamam

Burj al Hamam is another well-known restaurant in Amman that serves Lebanese cuisine. They are located at the InterContinental Hotel between the 3rd and 2nd circle.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel – 3rd circle
Tel: 06 4641361


Sufra is an Arabic restaurant that specializes in traditional Jordanian cuisine. Located in an old house on Rainbow street. They offer daily specials with different Jordanian dishes.
Their Mansaf & Mezzas are absolutely delicious 
They also serve breakfast Fridays & Saturdays

Location: Rainbow Street.
Tel: 06 4611468


Tannoureen Restaurant

Tannoureen is another great spot in Amman. Known for their delicious mezzas and grilled platters. They have a cozy outdoor area too!

Location: Um Uthaina – next to jewelry complex.
Tel: 06 551 5987


Tell us where your favorite spot is!