Top 5 Gourmet Sandwiches in Amman

09 December 2015

We have done top 5s or 10s for Falafel sandwiches, Shawerma and low cost sandwiches around Amman

This time we would like to do one for gourmet sandwiches, there are several good sandwiches around town with fresh and high quality ingredients.

Some of these sandwiches are consistantly good, some aren't. Let us know where your favorite gourmet sandwich is in Amman and what it is.

Beef Carpaccio & Bresaola @ Living Room


Living Room’s Beef Carpaccio & Bresaola sandwich is a meat lover’s dream.
The delicious sandwich is packed with carpaccio and bresaola, topped with greens, watercress, parmesan & olive/tomato tapenade served on a multi grain toast.

Cost: 9.25JOD
Location: 3rd circle (above Romero Italian Restaurant)


Chicken or Steak Sandwich @ La Calle 

La Calle is one of Rainbow’s older establishments; they have mastered some great dishes. Their shawerma, burgers, hotdogs are delicious!
Many recommend their chicken sandwich or their steak sandwich – which is also served at Corner’s pub as well.
La Calle offers catering and is one of the best in Amman.

Cost: 5.50 JOD
Location: Rainbow Street


Tuna Sandwich @ Books @ Café

The Tuna Sandwich at books is a delicious sandwich – green peppers, onion and other veggies mixed with tuna & mayo served on toast bread.

Cost: 6.75 JOD
Location: Books @ Café Abdoun branch


Angus House Wrap @ Centro Diner

Centro Diner’s Angus House Wrap is one of the top sandwiches in Amman – grilled angus beef with special spices, onions, parsley and sesame sauce. Their Philadephia steak sandwich is also a good one.

Cost: 6.95 JOD
Location: Taj Mall Terrace


Turkey special @ Casper & Gambini’s

Off their light sandwiches menu, the turkey special sandwich is really good – Parmesan cheese, smoked turkey, rocket greens with Dijon lemon sauce in a baguette.
Also recommended is the Spicy chicken wrap and their cobb wrap.

Cost: 5.75 JOD
Location: Abdoun (close to crumz)

We should also mention these awesome sandwiches that many love!

- Garo’s Sausage sandwich – amazing sausage from Halab in freshly baked bread - cost 1.75 JOD

- Kababji Beef Shawerma – their chicken and beef shawerma are delicious, they also have kabab & shish taouq sandwiches - cost 1.75 JOD