The Best Pizza in Amman 2015

09 December 2015

By the awesome:


So, I’ll tell you a secret.


I LOVE pizza with all my heart and all my soul. There almost isn’t a pizza place that I haven’t tried in town, including non-pizza places that server pizza.

Ladies and gents… the best pizzas in Amman.

1. Pizza Rania at Il Pizzaiolo


Many of the items on Il Pizzaiolo’s very expansive menu are excellent (with the only disgusting item I ever tried there being the sea food pizza. Don’t try the sea food pizza– it tastes like an old, frozen ocean).

Yet, nothing comes close to the work of art that is Pizza Rania, which comes with delicious fresh mozzarella, arugula leaves, and pomegranate seeds. It is really, really amazing.

Also try: Pizza Zafer, the bresaola pizza, the buffalo mozzarella pizza, and don’t you dare try miss out on the burrata.

2. Mushroom Pizza with Pepperoni at Luigi’s

No one does basic pizza as well as Luigi’s. Their simple pizzas are just perfect, with great dough, good cheese, and super fresh mushrooms.
In my experience, there other pizzas aren’t as good though, so stick to basic.

Also try: Spinach pizza


3. Mediterranean Pizza at La Calle

La Calle has excellent crust, perhaps the best crust on the list. It’s crunchy, chewy, and slightly oven-charred. The Mediterranean Pizza (which we refer to as “pizza il jneineh” because it tastes like all the ingredients come from grandma’s pantry) is super delicious.

Also try: Arugula pizza


4. Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza at Barmony


A very simple pizza that really brings out the rich, creamy taste of buffalo mozzarella. It’s a square pizza and much thicker than other pizzas on this list, but still very delicious!

Also try: Vegetarian pizza


That’s it.

For those of you who will mention Pizza Il Reef, Pizza Joe, or Pizza Lovers, I have one thing to say: You’re stuck in the 90’s, honey.



What are your thoughts?