The doughnut Showdown

21 November 2015

Written by Luma Q

I have been searching for the perfect doughnut in Amman, trying to find something similar to that doughnut we used to buy on a stick next to King Abdullah Gardens (7ada’ek al malek Abdullah) as kids. I'm not sure if it was good or I just mistakenly remember it as good.


Anyways… I checked out two places that tweeps & friends recommended to try, here is what i found:

Al Tahooneh (The Mill) Bakery:

The doughnut was in the box for about an hour before I ate it, and the oil marks already seeped through the box. The doughnut was good, not great – only chocolate and sugar icing were available. The interior was not very moist. I would give it a 6 / 10.


Al Rabieh Bakery:

The only doughnut they make are the standard doughnuts with chocolate or sugar icing, also not super creative – it was moist and fluffy, better than the Tahooneh doughnut, but a bit oily as well. The next day I wanted to have the 2nd one, and it was rock hard, I decided to throw it in the microwave, which made it moist for a few minutes. I would give it a 7/10


The issue I find with doughnuts here in Amman is the dough; the type of flour used is not what should be used to give you the fluffy, moist and perfect tasting doughnut. The icing is also not made of premium chocolate and the sugar icing is too sugary and dries up quickly.

So yala, help me find the perfect doughnut in Amman!