Caramelt - Caramels & Toffee

21 November 2015

Caramelt's homemade caramels & toffee have been the talk of the town the past few months!


The Caramelt caramels are soft, chewy, flavorful and definitely addictive! Rami; the Founder of Caramelt has mastered several different flavors of caramels:

- original
- kiwi
- pineapple
- strawberry
- mango
- raspberry
- chili dark chocolate 

 ... as well as many others that will be revealed soon!

Their Almond Toffee Crunch is a huge hit as well, it is made on a huge marble slab and once the batch is cool, it is broken into random and irregular little pieces for you to enjoy. 

Stop by Frosti's ice-cream store to try the Caramelt ice-cream too!

We look forward to see what this creative local business comes up with next!

To order call: 07 9826 2750 (free delivery)