Four Winters

21 November 2015

Everyone was wondering what Four Winters was when the sign went up in Abdoun.

We got even more curious when we saw large aluminum containers getting carried into the store.

It turns out Amman just got a new ice cream shop! Smooth, creamy and delicious – made using liquid nitrogen... so thats what the containers were about!


They've got very interesting ingredients on the menu– ginger, coffee, corn or even chili chocolate! They have a variety of different flavors that change every season.



We love their seasons wall, telling us what season they are freezing!

Walk in and check out their Flavor Vault, it will get you excited to try the different flavors they offer!

Guess what? They also serve Caramelt’s Cashew Toffee Crunch ice-cream at Four Winters – so if you’re a Caramelt fan, you should check it out!

The space is absolutely amazing and is designed by Syntax a local strategic design and digital solutions company.

Stop by and let us know what you think!

Location: Abdoun - Next to Titles, Books @ Cafe Abdoun & Hatem Salon
Instagram: @four_winters
Twitter: @four_winters