21 November 2015

Written by: Luma Q

We visited one of the most creative juice places in Amman the other day, Juicebangbang (JBB) Amman’s first and only bubble tea house.


For those of you who haven’t heard of bubble tea before, Bubble tea is a beverage that originates from Asia and is known for its tapioca balls addition.
Tapioca is a starchy grain from the cassava or yuca plant. Once cooked, the tapioca balls become chewy (similar to texture of gummy bears).

The Tapoica at JBB is imported from Brazil, and is always served fresh, they start cooking it 2 hours prior to opening. Every batch has a timer and is made every 4 hours to have the perfect texture and taste.

JBB has several different types of drinks.

  • Bubble smoothie – ice blended smoothies with fruits.
  • Bubble Milky & Bubble yoghurt (soy milk & low fat yoghurt available)
  • Bubble iced tea
  • Bubble iced coffee
  • Bubble warmers
  • Fresh Juices.

Each of the above gives the tapioca balls a whole different flavor and texture.

Some of the most famous drinks are:

  • Taro
  • Kiwi Lemonade smoothie
  • Passion fruit & orange smoothie

They also serve a breakfast blend which is yogurt blended with cereal, banana, honey and topped with granola, this is a perfect healthy option for a snack.

Photo by JBB

On Saturdays they serve amazing waffle sandwiches which you can top with your choice of fruit and spread.

Photo by JBB

Their loyalty card offers you a free drink once you buy 7 drinks!

Their seating area is bright and comfy, they have both an outdoor and indoor area.

The design on their walls is absolutely amazing! The great talents behind the design are also the designers of BeAmman. 


Although parking in Sweifeyeh can be a nightmare, JBB has 3 spots in front of their store for their customers.

Drink prices range from 1.99 JOD – 3.10 JOD

Location: Sweifieyeh - Avenue Mall
Tel: 077 5989416
Opening Hours: 10:00am - 11:30pm Daily except Friday (2:00pm - 11:30pm)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/juicebangbang 


Let us know what your favorite drink is & challenge yourself to try new things at JBB.