21 November 2015

A new healthy & fresh spot in Amman – it’s about time!


Seed opened up its new shop and is excited to give you a boost of vitamins and nutrients to energize yourself and live a healthier life.

They offer amazing juices, smoothies & salads. Their products are all natural made with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Seed warns, they are not a diet shop – they believe in using natural ingredients that are good for our bodies. Their products do not contain processed sugars, only natural sugars. 95% of their produce is residue-free, which means that when the fruit or vegetable gets to you, there are no harmful chemicals on it.

They sell products as well to make your home cooking, healthy and nutritious.

The menu changes seasonally, depending on what vegetables and fruits are available on the market. The menu is displayed on their chalk board and new items are always posted on Instagram & Facebook.


Must try their Dr. Green and Daily Detox fresh juices.
The Pomegranate Power and Dream Date smoothies are delicious.
Although all the salads are absolutely awesome, we recommend the pomegranate and bell pepper quinoa as well as the kale and quinoa tabbuleh.

Seed proudly sources local produce from Jordan & is one of the first (if not the only) shop to grow their own Kale in Jordan.

Go check out Seed, get your daily dose vitamins and nutrients.

Tell us what you enjoy!


Location: Wadi Abdoun (next to Hatem Salon & Titles)
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm daily
Tel: 079 656 0001
Instagram: @seedhealthy