Namliyeh: Jam Makers

21 November 2015

Have you heard of Namliyeh in Jabal Al L’weibdeh?
Another great local store that supports locally grown produce! All natural & super healthy!


We asked Namliyeh who they are, here is what they said:

“We are designers and jam makers, we make handmade artisan jams, transforming locally grown, farm fresh fruits into delicious preserves. All our jams are 100% natural, low in sugar and carefully processed to extract the natural flavours and sugars.

Our shop in Al-lweibdeh is designed and crafted entirely from reclaimed materials using low tech methods. We are slowly building our design studio in the basement”

Stay tuned for updates from this cute little shop in heart of Amman

Location: Paris Circle - Jabal Al Lweibdeh
Tel: 079 6392135