Karmah's Kitchen Goes Local!

21 November 2015

A new spot opens up in town!

Karmah's Kitchen originally began as a delivery service out of TasmeemME's offices in 2011.
It slowly grew in size and now opened up a physical location in Wadi Abdoun.


What's great about Karmah's Kitchen is their love and persistance for going local! The interior was sourced locally and the artwork at the restaurant was done by the founder Karmah Taba'a.

Their ingredients are mostly local and they try to be seasonal using all fruits and vegetables locally available in season.

Every 3 - 4 months the menu changes according to what fruits and vegetables are fresh and available in the market. The staff including cooks and waiters are local too.

...and finally, all the delicious desserts are made in house.

So check out this local kitchen, induldge in some home-made food and let us know your thoughts.


Location: Wadi Abdoun / Previous location of Titles book store (opposite of B@C in Abdoun)
Tel: +962 6 593 2404
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KarmahKitchen
Closed on Tuesdays