Shams al Balad Café

21 November 2015

Shams El Balad is a new cafe that breaks the mold of the typical Ammani café by celebrating healthy, local and delicious food and drink. This café celebrates all things local; craft, produce and culture. They are one of the only farm to table outlets in Amman, integrated into a co-working and exhibition space.


Enjoy local delicacies using only the freshest, organic, seasonal ingredients, directly sourced Yemeni coffee and a variety of handcrafted tea blends.

My favorite experience includes a fine single shot espresso, salad of the day, and a taghmeesa tray, which includes cheese, olive oil, zaater, olives, bread and a sweet jam. One of the best bits is the price; you won’t be forking over your salary to enjoy a delicious meal.

Breathe in their smoke-free environment, or smoke away on their outdoor terrace overlooking the Citadel and Ummayad Palace.

Don’t be shy to wander around and explore the beautiful 7iberSpace upstairs. You can wind through courtyards, around a bubbling fountain, underneath olive trees or climbing to the roof to watch the neighbor’s pigeons circling above.

Continue up from the stairs from Shams Café and attend an event by  They host regular events including a lecture series called Finjan Qahweh, photography meetups, and discussions from Internet Policy to the latest trends in Arabic literature. Come and meet others working and discussing the latest ideas. Walking through the beautiful space make one nostalgic for the way things were. The space is also available for private events including openings, trainings, receptions and parties. For more information visit


After you’ve enjoyed your coffee, propose a photostory, participate in sunrise yoga or enjoy the Finjan Qahweh lecture series -

Location: Jabal Amman
Tel: 06 465 1150