Baladk Street Art Project 2016

04 July 2016

Written by: Mu'ath Isaeid

Baladk, is a local street art festival in Amman & surrounding areas, with a particular emphasis on graffiti curated and organised fully by Al Balad Theater.
One of the key highlights of the festival is to invite guest professional graffiti artists from the region to collaborate with local Jordanian artists. This year we had artists visiting from Lebanon, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

This project took place in Amman May 20th till May 26th 2016, a call to Jordanian artists was released in March 1st and the 18 artists were selected by the organizing committee  & local street artists to participate in the art festival.

Baladk street art project was first launched in Amman in 2013 as a street art project that aimed to empower citizenship through different forms of street art, primarily murals.
In 2016, Baladk focused on the capital Amman, under a broad theme of Our city, “The influence of the City upon yourself as an artist”. We believe that citizenship is closely linked to the feeling of ownership towards hometowns, which could be beautifully expressed using street arts.
This project aims to turn the streets into festive colorful sites; where people celebrate their existence & freedom from all kinds of oppression.
The target audience is the local community and neighborhoods, in addition to young street artists who have not been given the opportunity to be creative due to pressure from public authorities.


This year, we were happy to have the Lebanese muralist Yazan Halawani with us. He drew a large mural in Lweibdeh entitled “The plastic mannequin and the hybrid folklore dress”, Yazan painted a plastic mannequin from one of the souvenir stores in Downtown where he dressed the mannequin in a hybrid dress combining elements from Jordanian, Palestinian and Circassian folkloric dresses partially to describe the mix of cultures in this single region and tease passerby’s instinct trying to put a single label according to their origins.

"In front of the wall, passerby’s debated “the origin of that dress and woman” attempting to pin an explicit origin on it by using a single design element like the embroidery or the collar to generalize the identity of the painting; and accordingly judge the value of the represented." Says Yazan


Prior at the time of planning and searching for regional artists, we were suprised to know that in Saudi Arabia there's a growing graffiti scene despite being a conservative country.
Once we had the chance we hosted the Saudi graffiti artists from Dhad Store, a store opened by a few artists, and the only graffiti store in the country to supply the other graffiti artists in Saudi Arabia with the tools they need.
AbdulAziz, Dyiaa and Abdullah joined forces with us at Baladk to produce a massive mural in Sweifeh, took full 7 days of work.

Another group of artists we invited were from Kuwait, Ali Kelsix, Monstariam and Bufifty, who collaborated with our dearest Jordanian artist Yara Hindawi and DeevGraff joined by Russian graffiti artist Egor kabyone who is based in Amman to produce a massive detailed collaborative mural in Sweifieh, they spent 3 days painting it.
On another level, this year; we were lucky to host the French based Tunisian artist Shoof who decomposes Arabic letters that lie in the base of calligraphy and uses them as a pretext for his artworks. He spent a lot of time teaching techniques to the emerging young artists that joined this project as well as drawing some fascinating pieces on the walls of Jabal Al Nadhif and Jabal Amman.
It was a great experience for us as well the local artist as some of them have never had the chance to draw on walls before, it was an eye opening experience to see the creativity and talent they have. They collaborated in Sweifieh, Abdoun (Airport Road) and Jabal Al Lweibdeh.

Young emerging local artists are a big part of Baladk Project. This year, we we were happy to have the Jordanian artists: Yazan Hija, Ibrahem Qamar, Suha Sultan, Hind Al Far, Joanna Mdanat, Dina Fawakhiri, Azza, Saddeq Abu Ghoush, Deev Graff, Yara Hindawi, Ibrahim Tonnerieux , Aster Sfc and Hamza Al Salhi and other artists whojoined us on the last day.



Baladk Project ended with a street art show and a wonderful closing ceremony performance by  Studio 8, they performed fireshows, beatboxing and some rap and hip-hop music.

We had the help of the Jordanian based graffiti artists Mike V. Derderian & Wessam shadid from FADA 317 to execute the project. Our local paint company National paints were so generous, they provided and sponsored the project with paint.
we were also sponsored by the German based spray cans company Montana Cans they provided us with spray cans of all colors.




مشروع بلدك 2016 بعنوان "مدينتنا" أحد مشاريع مسرح البلد

مشروع "بلدك" لفنون الشارع انطلق في عمّان في الفترة ما بين 20 و25 أيار العام الحالي 2016.

مشروع "بلدك" بدأ سنة 2013 كمشروع لتعزيز حس المواطنة من خلال فنون الشارع بشكل عام وفن الجرافيتي بشكل خاص. آمن القائمون على المشروع بأن المواطنة مرتبطة ارتباط وثيق بشعور الملكية اتجاه المدينة، والتعبير عن هذا الشعور باستخدام فنون الشارع. موضوع هذا العام هو "مدينتنا" بمعناها الفضفاض الذي يتضمن تعبير الفنان عن المدينة التي يعيش بها عن طريق فنّه.

استضاف المشروع:
18 فنان أردني، بالإضافة الى 6 فنانين عرب محترفين من لبنان، السعودية، مصر، تونس والكويت.
وتم رسم جداريت في 9 مناطق في عمّان.


مسرح البلد
مشروع بلدك
بالشراكة مع فضاء 317، دهانات ناشونال وأمنية, وبدعم من مؤسسة روزا لوكسمبرغ، أمانة عمان الكبرى، تجمع تماسي, متجر ضاد, Montana Cans ورواد التنمية