Talents of Amman: Forkit

09 December 2015

Forkit is an initiative to create awareness about food security programs in Jordan and raise donations.

With every purchase of a Forkit, you help feed a person in need, as profits from the sale are donated to an NGO or charity that helps combat hunger in Jordan!


It all started with one gift between Samar and her friend Abdallah in Beirut. Samar was always wearing her Forkit and it started getting a lot of attention from her friends and random people. So she realized why not make it go out to the public and back it up with a good cause.
It was pretty obvious from the actual function of the fork, that the most relavant charities to work with would be ones that deal with food for the less fortunate

The first person to jump in with all the help was Samar's father who was enthusiastic to see Forkit come alive.
Forkit is a collaborative work of so many people these people are family, friends, and co-workers, and especially Samar's visionary childhood friend Taraf Abu Hamadan who has been always enthusiastic to add to the initiative with her enlightening ideas and great photographic skills. Also not to forget the handy Selena Abeqwa who has perfected the initiative with her production and creativity skills.

Forkit during Ramadan has raised donations towards feeding15 families with Family Kitchen Jordan. They are now raising donations to sponsor a family for a year with Family Kitchen. Forkit has also sponsored a family for a year with Tkiyet Um Ali in June.

Samar seeks a huge future for Forkit, more sales, higher charitible contributions and more needy families fed. Samar is hoping to transform Forkit into a wearable statement to fight hunger in Jordan

Forkit is being sold at Hands accessories in Abdoun, who has been extremely supportive of the initiative.

Check them out on social media too:


Forkit will take part of Souq sodfeh in Khorda - Jabal Al Lweibdeh.



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