The People of Jordan’s Bustling Jabal El LWeibdeh } وجوه من جبل اللويبده

09 December 2015

Written by Sami Haven -


In the past several years, the Ammani neighborhood of Jabal Al Weibdeh has become a center for the city’s flourishing art and culture scene. With outlets like Darat Al Funun, which hosts a variety of art exhibitions from artists around the region in addition to foreign and short Arab films, and a smorgasbord of quaint cafes and eateries, the neighborhood is teeming with life. We went around the neighborhood and asked people what their favorite part of the area is.



 Mohammed Hasan Abdallah has worked in the Barhumeh Roastery since 1986. He loves the old houses of Jabal El Weibdeh and the love between the people who live there.

 Three friends hang out in front of Graffiti cafe, a common staple for young adults who go to play board games, have coffee and talk with their friends.

 Abdelrahman and Batoul love the peaceful environment and walking around at night; “It’s the friendliest area in Amman.”

 Little Mohammad loves Jabal El Weibdeh because “it is like a theme park”.

 Nawal opened the Weibdeh pharmacy ages ago, and loves to see all the generations grow and change in the neighborhood.

 Nadine Kanaan says, “it’s still the old Amman where you always look familiar, the sidewalks are more comfortable, and you can say hello to everyone… It’s also where my dream came true.”

 Natalie Jamokha finds Weibdeh to be a small town hidden away. She has just left a dream job to become a writer and feels great about it.

Razan Hadid loves Weibdeh because it’s the biggest art hub in Jordan, and she enjoys meeting friends here.

 Friends meeting in Graffiti Cafe.

Two American pals, Claire and Carly, say the best thing is the delicious Fatteh.

Muneer Alkurdi and Ahmad Issa Alkurdi have owned the Fairouz Bakery for 40 years. Their family business is a cornerstone in the neighborhood. Muneer says he loves the quiet pace of the area.