BeAmman Year in Review 2014 } سنة ٢٠١٤ بعمان

05 December 2015

A few photos that we captured, posted and came across in 2014 - what are your 2014 memories in Amman?

بعض الصور لسنة ٢٠١٤ بعمان - شو ذكرياتكم خلال سنة ٢٠١٤؟

Happy 2015 - we cant wait to share more of our beautiful city & country with you


We came across beautiful rainbows


The BeAmman Happy Video was released -


Ras El Ain Friday Market opened up & Ahel Al Balad painted its walls - Photo By Amer Al Jalab


7th circle is no longer a roundabout! Photo by Arabiaweather


Christmas at Abdali Boulevard - Photo by Bashar Alaeddin


Another successful Souq Jara


Great charitable art exhibitions - this one was for Gaza


& more beautiful rainbows


Ahel Al Balad


Talented local musicians take the stage


Our roundabouts receive the gift of light.


Beautiful Spring.


Art made from broken trees at the University of Jordan


Amman gets its first CROWD funded skate park! BeAmman proudly took part in funding.


Ikea opens up and causes breaking news traffic.


The newly renovated downtown public space.


Art 4 All's beautiful Citadel Murals


Zaa'al and the Ramadan Canon at King Hussein Park

Greater Amman Municipality starts a downtown bus tour for 'a quarter of a JOD'


Greater Amman Municipality & JETT get a city Sightseeing tour bus 


Theeb premiers and wins awards! Jordan is proud.


Queen Alia International Airport gets a new logo by Overhaul & expands


Best of all - we still get the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

More murals.. woman & gender themed murals by Arab artists organized by Wowbaladk at Ras El Ain Electricity Hanger.