More Cafes & hangouts in Amman

05 December 2015

We like to keep you posted on the newest and coolest spots in town, to hang out, meet, work, read or soclaize.

Here are a few cafes to check out around Amman. Tell us about your experiences at these cafes & others you enjoy.




Makan is a community that hosts youth, students, artists, poets, singers local and international, media and writers.
Makan welcomes anyone or any association that is interested in engaging in rich and creative cultural environment.
It is a spot where you can read; they offer the newest editions of books free to read on the premises. They also have a variety of games and a space for up to 40 people to host events, trainings & meetings.

A calm place to socialize or have a cup of coffee and do some work.
They offer Lavazza coffee, as well as varies hot and cold drinks and a few desserts.

Location: Rainbow street
Tel: +962 7 9701 4428


Yara’s corner

Is a café and bakery with freshly baked cakes, cookies and treats!
A cute and cozy spot in Amman to grab a coffee, catch up with friends or do some work quietly.

Location: 7th circle, Masoud Bin Naser Street, Building  #19
Tel: +962 7 9533 3799


Kava Espresso & Brew Bar

One of Amman’s few specialty coffee shops. For those looking for good, high quality coffee, check out this stylish and hip spot in Abdoun. They also offer a few good snacks.

Location: Abdoun next to Hamley’s – Ibrahim Al Haj Hassan Street
Tel: +962 6 593 3256


Lorca Café & Restaurant

Lorca is located right next to Al Balad Theater. The café is decorated with restored car parts, recycled products and antiques. It is an art piece!
For a great cup of coffee, a juice, lunch or dinner, check out Lorca. Same owners as Jafra café located right behind it!


Location: Right next to Al Balad Theater – Jabal Amman
Tel: +962796622559


Montage Coffee House

A creative space to work, relax and enjoy watching movies while having your coffee and dessert!
Located at the Royal Film Commission's beautiful historic space.

Location: Jabal Amman, 1st Circle  5 Omar Bin Al Khattab Street
Tel: +962 6 461 3296