Graffiti Art in #Amman } فن الجرافيتي بعمان

05 December 2015

In the past, BeAmman has struggled to convince authorities to allow graffiti artists to paint in certain areas, in a respectful way that does not vandalize public or private property.

Slowly, the municipality is accepting graffiti art and understanding the value of bringing color and certain messages to a city.
Unfortunately in some cases many beautiful murals have been painted over because they do not adhere to 'Amman colors'.

We have been told on one occasion, that we are promoting devil worshippers and allowing for un-islamic messages to be displayed around our city.
A shocking accusation. The murals we have commissioned were ones with positive messages and colors, something Amman desperately needs
(see below Ahel Al Balad Murals as an example).

What are your thoughts on Graffiti in Amman?

2 of our favorite graffiti artists in Amman have been busy working on new murals around the city.

The recent ones have been spotted in Ras El Ain supported by the King Abdullah Fund for Development (KAFD)

Thank you Sardine a.k.a. Mike V. Derderian & Wize One a.k.a Wesam Shadid for making Amman & Jordan a more colorful place.

We look forward to seeing more beautiful work around Jordan & seeing generations of artists learning from you to keep this art alive.



By Wize One - Ras El Ain


Shmagh Heart by Sardine aka Mike V. Derderian


Jordan in Arabic by Sardine aka Mike V. Derderian



One of our sister projects Ahel Al Balad - An anti littering campaign's positive messages to keep Jordan Clean
By. Wize One - Wesam Shadid


The new Ras El Ain Friday market gets some beautiful art and Ahel Al Balad Mural by
Sardine & Wize One



Town called Dafyaneh, in Al Mafraq. Shop doors painted and adorned with traditional patterns. By - Sardine


Ras El Ain


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or check out: Baladk Project:
for future events & previous work around Amman & Jordan