Top 5 Water Canyon (Wadis) Hikes in Jordan

26 November 2015

Summer is here! Ready for some adventures?

It’s the perfect time to go out hiking, canyoning and taking a dip in some of Jordan’s water filled canyons!

Here are a few spots to enjoy around the country – these are mainly water hikes that require you to get wet. We will post other dry hikes soon.


Two groups we recommend you go out with:

- Tropical Desert
- Jo Hike

Note: you will need experienced guides and professionals to help you navigate most of the below canyons, it is dangerous to hike in these areas on your own. 
Do not attempt to go abseiling without a professional with professional equipment.

1) Wadi Hidan

Along the King’s Highway next to Madaba lies Wadi Hidan – it’s a 9km canyon that can be done in full or half for beginners.
Fresh natural pools of water, gorges, greenery and some wild animals if you’re lucky!
There are several areas to go abseiling from.
A 50meter waterfall can be seen at the end, if you complete the 9km hike.


2) Wadi Mukheirs

A rather small Wadi which starts in one of the multiple springs coming from Madaba running down to the Dead Sea. The springs all have historical and religious stories.
This canyon is open with a lot of sun and few waterfalls. It is a total of 9km water hike, several areas that must be abseiled.

3) Wadi Karak

Wadi Al Karak consistent of several waterfalls and cliffs near the Dead Sea.
The shallow creek is easy to navigate, with few areas to go abseiling from.
There is gorgeous bird life in the area, especially during spring.

4) Wadi Zarqa Maeen

A larger Wadi which is divided by Maa’in Spa & the Panorama/Machaerus (Mukawir) Road.  There are 2 major waterfalls are 30 – 40 meters high at the beginning of the trail.
The other half of the trail has pools and nice jumps.
A short and easy hike that is 3km long.

5) Wadi Manshalah

Also in the Madaba area, starts west of Madaba and ends at the Dead Sea right in front of O Beach. This starts off with a dry hike with 3 dry abseils followed by 5 water abseils.
The total hike is 10kms and is a bit challenging.


Other Wadis to check out:

Wadi Al Heba, Wadi Al Waleh, Wadi Hudeira, Wadi Bin Hammad & of course the well known Wadi Mujib

The 2 groups mentioned above plan weekend trips regularly, trips cost anywhere between 20 and 50 JDs for transportation, food, and equipment during the day.

** most of the information we gathered above was from Tropical Desert website: a very impressive site with a lot of useful information.
** Photo credits: Jo Hike & Tropical Desert

Let us know of other groups you suggest!

Enjoy, share your photos with us & most importantly be safe.