A Map & A Lens

22 November 2015

In January of 2013, Bashar Tabbah set out a plan to identify, explore and photograph the very many historic and religious sites of Jordan. Without pause, January saw the beginning of such venture with a trip to a rarely-visited site 90 kilometers south of Amman, Qasr Bashir. The golden glow that the frontier fort enjoys became the theme for the rest of this project, being blown away by the combination of the aesthetic appeal and historical grandeur of the country’s mixed heritage. 


It was every Friday since that first one in mid-January that saw the passionate photographer venture with his friend to Jordan’s every corner for eight straight months, adding to the list of sites on a weekly basis, which initially counted 90 sites to explore and grew to over 140 sites, all of which are now photographed, researched and documented. The culmination of all of this hard work is a gallery that will display select photographs that reflect the variety in Jordan’s cultural heritage and religious past, what with the civilizations and empires that have called the area home, spanning over 2,000 years of the modern area and as far back as 8,300 BC. 

Keeping true to his original goal, Bashar has researched and paired each picture with information detailing each site’s history, marquee characters and dynasties, in addition to documenting its GPS coordinates. The gallery gives a truly unique perspective on the breadth of Jordan’s role as a crossroads of civilizations, being one of very few places where these ruins and monuments have withstood the test of time. The gallery will run from the 1st of December to the 12th 2013, with an opening night that will shed more light on the project and the lessons learned from it. Be sure to visit Dar Al-Anda for a firsthand view of Jordan, uncovered. Bashar Tabbah is a photographer and history enthusiast and sees this project as the meeting of his passion for the two disciplines and that for exploration. He intends to take his knowledge and photographs global through more galleries and media, including the exploration of other countries. The next chapter to this project will be to publish a photography book worthy of the country’s treasures.


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Make sure to check out the event December 1st - December 12th 2013 - at Dar Al Anda (Jabal Al Lweibdeh)