Galleries of Jordan by Q0DE

22 November 2015


Q0DE.COM is an art interface connecting artists, collectors and buyers to contemporary art in the Middle East.


Offline they create exhibitions, deal in art, and work with collectors. Their online interface is divided into four areas:

Q0DE Agency: A artists agency for artists creating cutting-edge art.
Q0DE Store: Focusing on print work, Q0DE Store focuses around the work of emerging talents, and now and again supports the unexhibited but oh so talented.
Q0DE Collectors: A database, access node and information hub for collectors in the Middle East.
Q0DE Review: An online Magazine for art criticism, new voices, intelligent opinion, and the occasional irreverent Op-Ed.

Discover the story of Amman's galleries, and the people behind them, in Q0DE's series: "Galleries of Jordan" FILM | Galleries of Jordan Part I from Q0DE on Vimeo.


Part I of a two part series looking at the story of Jordan's galleries, how they were founded, and their hopes for the future.

The Film begins with the founding of the National Gallery, by Her Royal Highness Princess Wijdan in 1980.

Next Majdolene Ghazawi Al-Ghoul of Dar Al Anda Gallery shares her thoughts on running a gallery in Jebel Weibdeh, @ 2.14

Hala Jardaneh speaks of the specific mission and regional perspective of Orient gallery @ 3.22

Reem Hourani presents Foresight32, and also points out how Amman is becoming an increasingly attractive home for artists @ 4.09

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts -
Dar Al Anda -
Orient Gallery -
Foresight32 -
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Filmed by Mais Salman & Zaid Baqaeen.



QØ Film | Galleries of Jordan Part II from Q0DE on Vimeo.

PART II -  The film starts with one of the most beautiful destinations in Jordan, and one of the most interesting contemporary art galleries in the Middle East: Darat Al Funun.

Director Eline Van Der Vlist talks about the history of Darat Al Funun, and its role in the region @ 00.44

Sameh Hijawi co-founder of Makan Art Space talks about the Makan residency program, conceptual art, and how a new generation of artists are @2.16

Muna Amareen, Ghalia Bouran, Sarah Hatahet and Sara Rashdan talk about how 'The Studio' is supporting emerging and aspirational artists, and working with friends @3.09

For the final segment Barbara Rowell founder of Jacaranda Gallery talks about the internationalisation of art in Jordan, the importance of prints, and the joys and frustrations of being a gallerist in Jordan's capital @4.59