Kelvin Bown: Reawakening The Past

22 November 2015

Kelvin Bown is a talent we've heard so much about, he restores antique historical photos of the Middle East.
Kelvin loves and appreciates the region, its culture, history and people.

Kelvin was living around Moses Mountain in Sinai and found a collection of old photos of the Bedouin tribe he was living with, and the monks of the monastery. He realized there was damage that could be fixed and improvements made to the appearance of images, so he began teaching himself how to restore the photos.

Arch of Roman Bridge 

After 40 pictures, he began to master the tools and techniques involved in the process, and now after over several hundred photos, he feels he has a fair grip on them.

When kelvin began working on images of other regions, he found the panoramic the most challenging as the original negatives didn't fit together - with physical means the original photographers would never have been able to compile them. After a lot of trying and testing, he found a way to connect them seamlessly, despite the different angles of the original shots.

Over the past 6 or 7 years, not a day goes by without Kelvin working on an image. He has a passion for the past, simple and more cooperative society and ways of life, which seem to be forgotten. Kelvin enjoys seeing people connect with their roots and he feels he is able to offer something which helps them reconnect with who they are and where they have come from aside from the projections of the “modern” world which he sees as needing many solutions which are often not new ones, but things that have been lost in the whirlwind of modernization and globalization.

Ruins of The Citadel

The first stage of restoring photos is repairing the physical damage the photo may have, then Kelvin moves on to work with lighting, focus, clarity and depth using various techniques to bring out as clearly as possible the detail and information hidden within the original images.

His second exhibition “Faith” can be seen at Landmark Hotel on the first floor opposite to Jerash hall.
His prints can be obtained directly from him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone – 077 521 3674.  Kelvin also offers restoration services for people’s family pictures. These antique historical photos can be perfect gifts for Christmas or for decoration at home or in the office.

You can see a more of is brilliant work, read about photography restoration and see before and after photos on his website

We are so amazed by the work Kelvin has done and look forward to seeing more of his work around Amman and Jordan and look forward to seeing his the digital catalog he is working on.

“It is remarkable how many people have asked me if I took the original photographs 100 years ago!” Kelvin tells us! 


Bedouin Warrior

4 Original negatives compiled for this large panorama of Amman 1940