23 November 2015

As Published in VIV MAG - September 2013 issue


This month’s Go Local success story, Orjan Soap House, which produces high-quality, handmade soap, while providing employment and teaching important skills to local women.


Tucked away on the outskirts of Ajloun Forest is The Orjan Soap House, which was established by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature(RSCN) as part of a socio-economic programme to support the conservation of forests in Ajloun. Here, local women of Orjan have been taught how to make the soap in order for them to generate a new source of income that doesn’t exert pressure on the natural resources of the area. The village of Orjan lies in one of the most beautiful areas in Jordan, rich in ancient olive trees and surrounded by forested hills. The valleys around Orjan are filled with pomegranate and fig trees and lined with fragrant wild mint. It is in this glorious setting that the women of Orjan produce their soap bars, made with locally pressed olive oil and blended with essential oils and fresh plant extracts which have numerous healing benefits. No additives, artificial colours, chemicals or fragrances are added to the soap. Olive oil soap is rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants – it is an ultra moisturiser, which helps balance and smooth the skin. Orjan soap comes in different natural scents and with natural essential oils such as mint, geranium, pomegranate and lavender. The Soap House also sells soap balls, soap cakes, gels, scrub soaps, loofah soaps and other all-natural products. “We are very proud of Orjan women for their sense of ownership of the project and their continued successes,” says Laila Malalla, head of sales at Orjan Soap House. “It is so crucial to support our local produce and reinforce our ties with the land and nature.”


You can find Soap House products at the Wild Jordan Centre, Queen Alia International Airport, Ajloun Forest Reserve, Azraq Lodge, Panorama Dead Sea Complex, Dana Biosphere, Rummanah Campsite and Cozmo supermarket.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rscn.org

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