Jordan River Foundation Showroom

23 November 2015

The Jordan River Foundation is a non-profit Jordanian NGO established in 1995. The Foundation’s mission is to promote, in partnership with stakeholders, the development of a dynamic Jordanian society by initiating and supporting sustainable social, economic and cultural programs that empower communities and individuals based on their needs and priorities.

JRF has two main areas of concentration:

1)  Empowering individuals and communities through the Jordan River Community Empowerment Program;
2)  Protecting the rights and needs of children through the Jordan River Child Safety Program.


The income –generating handicrafts projects operate under the Jordan River Community Empowerment Program. Be it the handmade rugs woven by the Bani Hamida Women Weaving Project, the Wadi Al-Rayan Project’s baskets and furniture items, or the intricate embroideries of the Jordan River Designs Project; participation, innovation and sustainability continue to be the underlying themes in these income-generating handicraft projects. Direct beneficiaries and other community members in these projects’ localities receive capacity building and training sessions on topics that include project management, accounting and bookkeeping, feasibility studies and marketing techniques to ensure sustainability of these activities once they have been handed over for community management and operation.

The Bani Hamida Women’s Weaving Project

Revived traditional weaving techniques, helping to maintain the social and demographic character of the Makawir area. Older women in the community were eager to pass on rug-weaving techniques to the younger generations. Today, women in 13 villages help keep the traditions alive, while contributing, significantly, to the quality of life of their families. Wooden spindles and floor looms are used to produce superior quality pure wool rugs that travel the world with a “Handmade with Pride by Bedouin Jordanian Women” label.

In addition to the rug-weaving project, JRF has begun a candle-making project to create new job opportunities and economic activities while building upon the knowledge and skills of the women in the local community.

The Wadi Al-Rayan Project, established in 1997, focuses on providing nearly 100 women in the area with the opportunity to improve their economic and social status while reviving the traditional skills of basket and mat weaving.
The raw materials used in the Wadi Al-Rayan products, cattail reeds and banana leaves, are indigenous to the local area, which makes the products financially feasible and environmentally friendly.


The Jordan River Designs Project

The Jordan River Designs Project operates under the umbrella of the Al-Karma Center. The project employs 27 women in spacious workshops, and has contracts with another 600 women who embroider traditional and contemporary home furnishings, gift items and fashion accessories.


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