23 November 2015

With a name that stems from our Jordanian Bedouin Heritage, Jo Bedu is one of Jordan’s coolest t-shirt stores!

Founded in 2007 by Tamer and Michael, Jo Bedu offers people of all ages cool & funny T-shirts, laptop sleeves, pillows, ipad sleeves, sweaters and stickers.

At their small colorful store in Jabal Al Weibdeh, Jo Bedu has over 60 designs… mostly with funny Arabic slogans or common slang words, some English designs like “Wadi Rum and coke” or “I Survived Mansaf” or “ Got jameed?” are also available.

Their t-shirts have become a great hit around Jordan and even made it to different parts of the world! At Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution, a gentleman wore their “one love” T-shirt. In the UK one of Jordan’s finest talents, singer Aya Marar wore the “one love” T-shirts at one of her gigs. At  the Arab’s Got Talent competition in Lebanon, the Jordanian dancers wore the “I (camel) JO” t-shirts!

Stop by their store for a few gifts to take back home, or to wear around the world and show off your Jordanian style! You will surely get people stopping you to ask where you got the t-shirt or what it means!


Michael and Tamer also produce t-shirts from their fan’s designs and slogans, so if you come up with something funny or creative do send it to them!

So “Join the tribe” and check out their designs on


Phone: 06-4618144
Location: Jabal Al Weibdeh (Click here for map)