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Bike Rush

Located just off Rainbow Street on the 1st circle, Bike Rush is one of the first few professional biking stores in Jordan. Established in 2008 by a group of young cycling lovers who opened up this company to promote a new activity in a city dominated by cars. Although hilly Amman does not really make biking easy, Bike Rush organizes cycling trips in beautiful areas around Amman and Jordan that make biking a fun and entertaining exercise. Bike Rush aims to discover new routes around Jordan adding to the excitement of their weekly cycling trips.

Bike RushWhether you want to tune up your bike or rent a bike for the day around your hood, Bike Rush offers door to door service for all your cycling needs! The cycling trips they organize are open to all and can be either day or sunset trips. You may also customize your own adventure with your friends or for a corporate outing, in any location around Jordan. Hiking, camping and other activities may be organized with your cycling trip as well to make it a fun packed day or weekend.

If you do not know how to bike yet, it’s ok. Bike Rush has your back; they offer bicycle training lessons for all ages.

We are proud of them spreading environmental awareness, keeping Jordan clean, picking up trash and interacting with local communities to spread awareness on cycling, a great green hobby!

So hop on and enjoy the ride!



Phone: 079-9454586
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Location: Rainbow Street, take the 2nd left on Shukri Sha'Sha St. keep going down the street and Bike Rush will be on your left opposite Talet Al Jabal Cafe. (Jabal Amman - 1st Circle Area)


Bike Rush

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